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Hallelujah Hou Fishing - Molokai Hawaii Charter Fishing
"Hallelujah Hou Fishing is a guided light tackle and fly fishing charter service operating on Molokai. We provide fishing charters for experienced anglers, visitors, families, and locals. Whale watching tours are also available December through March."

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From: Clay Ching []

Subject: Pics and Thanks: Molokai

Aloha Gigi, thanks so much for your efficiency. Here's a scripture that I've been using throughout this whole process of buying a boat on the internet all the way across the continent. It really was a step of faith to do all this as the natural inclination would be to just say "forget it". I prayed for the right boat and found it a few days later through all the links on line. It didn't have a trailer under it so again, pray, found someone who gave it to me at cost, plus it was a trailer that was originally designed for the specific boat as the trailer manufacturer used to make trailers for the boat company before they went out of business. There is still more traveling so I'm still praying for Terry, and his rig and safety on the road with no delays and or breakdowns.

All the rest of the stuff like loading, unloading, travel across the Pacific, and ultimate delivery to me here on the island of Molokai.

Thanks a lot Gigi for your part in all this. Please do tell Terry, your driver, I'm praying for him too. He can call me anytime too, or I'll just wait to hear from you. Pastor Clay

Launch Date : 2007-01-10

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